Replacing Antiquated Chemicals and Processes with Advanced Enzyme Technology that give Companies a Competitive Edge
Nature’s Sparkplugs: The Power of Enzymes

Enzymes surround our daily lives
Enzymes are specialized proteins that speed up (catalyze) chemical reactions and are essential in all living systems. Without enzymes, biological processes would occur much too slowly to sustain life. Enzymes are so powerful that one single enzyme can process up to a million molecules every second. Microbes found in diverse ecosystems are one of the world’s largest sources of unique enzymes.

Verenium harnesses the power of enzymes through our discovery and DirectEvolution® platforms to enable new and improved specialty industrial processes.

Sources of enzymes
Microbes, such as bacteria or fungi, are abundant sources of unique enzymes and can be found in almost every ecosystem, including oceans, deserts, rain forests, and arctic regions. Through generations of natural selection in these diverse environments, microbes have developed broad and varied characteristics which allow them to survive in environments of extreme temperature, pressure, pH and salinity. As a result, the microbial world provides a rich source of high diverse genetic material.

“Bioprospecting”: Tapping into the world’s vast genetic reservoir for nature’s most abundant resource
In the quest to discover the source material for developing novel products, Verenium has pioneered the field of “bioprospecting” — tapping into the vast genetic resources of the microbial world. By venturing into varied and often hostile ecosystems, such as volcanoes, rain forests and deep sea hydrothermal vents, Verenium has collected the microbial genes that produce enzymes. Because the temperature and pH conditions in which these microbes live often mimic those found in today's industrial processes, they are a rich source of material for potential products.

Screening to commercialization: DirectEvolution® technology
Verenium uses cutting-edge, proprietary genomic technologies to directly extract microbial DNA from collected environmental samples. Expression libraries are constructed and screened using high throughput technologies. We then mine this private collection of billions of microbial genes using our suite of advanced robotic screening systems to identify product candidates that can be optimized for commercial use by applying our industry-leading laboratory evolution platform, called DirectEvolution® technology. By combining discovery with laboratory evolution technologies, Verenium has successfully commercialized and developed a robust collection of novel, high-performance enzyme products.

Commercial applications
Enzymes play a vital role in a wide variety of commercial, industrial processing applications, and in the animal nutrition and health markets. Through its proprietary enzyme discovery and evolution technologies, Verenium provides novel products to address a variety of commercial applications – often in collaboration with blue chip industrial leaders such as Cargill and Danisco.

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Verenium harnesses the power of enzymes to create a broad range of specialty products that meet high-value commercial needs. Verenium’s world class R&D organization is renowned for its capabilities in the rapid screening, identification, and expression of enzymes that act as the catalysts of biochemical reactions.