Advanced Enzyme Technology: Ethical Bioprospecting and World Citizenship

Accessing Biodiversity
As a pioneer in the field of ethical bioprospecting, Verenium has developed the model for benefit sharing and adheres to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Verenium's goal is that countries, participating institutes and their stakeholders benefit alongside the bioprospectors themselves. This model secures legal access and provides equitable benefits. Verenium products are some of the first to generate royalties as a result of bioprospecting collaborations. This approach has facilitated the signing of a number of biodiversity access agreements with research institutions and governments, giving the company broad access to biologically diverse environments around the world.

In order to reduce the impact on sensitive ecosystems, Verenium has collected only small samples of soil, water, sediment, leaf litter, or other materials from the environment, often no more than is left on a boot after a hike. Small sample sizes provided abundant genetic samples for our collection of microbial gene libraries, which is estimated to contain over 2 million microbial genomes.

Verenium, through bioprospecting, taps into the vast genetic resources of the microbial world by venturing into varied ecosystems, such as volcanoes and deep sea vents.