DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 Glucoamylase

DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 enzyme product is a high activity glucoamylase with specific side activities for effective starch saccharification for use in fuel ethanol production.

DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 glucoamylase is obtained from a classical strain of Aspergillus niger designed to provide optimum ethanol yields in fuel ethanol production resulting in cost performance benefits. DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 glucoamylase is used to saccharify liquefied mash from various substrates including corn, wheat, milo, barley and cassava. It can be used in simultaneous saccharification fermentation (SSF) processes by adding directly to the fermentor with yeast.

Product Benefits

  • Contains standardized enzyme side activities that improve fermentation performance
  • Demonstrated high ethanol yields at industrial scale
  • Operates over a broad pH and temperature range
  • Demonstrated improved fuel ethanol yields when used in combination with FUELZYME® alpha-amylase
  • Competitively priced while providing superior performance
The DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 enzyme product has demonstrated high fuel ethanol yields at industrial scale using multiple substrates including corn, milo, barley, wheat and cassava.

Verenium harnesses the power of enzymes to create a broad range of specialty products that meet high-value commercial needs. Verenium's world class R&D organization is renowned for its capabilities in the rapid screening, identification, and expression of enzymes that act as the catalysts of biochemical reactions.

How It Works

DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 enzyme product produces glucose from liquefied starch in the fuel ethanol production process. It is an exo-1,4-α-D-glucosidase that hydrolyzes the 1,4-linkages in starch at a lower rate and also splits the branched 1,6-α-D-glucosidic linkages making it an effective enzyme in the processing of both amylopectin and amylose starches. The product also contains acid α–amylase and lysophospholipase side activities that are specifically formulated to enhance ethanol yield. DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 enzyme product has extremely low levels of transglucosidase limiting repolymerization of glucose units.

Key Attributes

Addressable Market

DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 glucoamylase is permitted for use as a saccarification enzyme used to produce glucose from hydrolyzed starch during the production of fuel ethanol.

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