Novel Enzyme Solutions to Transform Industries.
Verenium is focused on the development and commercialization of economical, eco-sensitive and bio-based solutions for improving industrial processes.

Our company has developed, either independently or through our collaborations, a number of high-performance enzyme products and product candidates for use in industrial processes. Companies in a variety of processing industries are replacing harsh industrial chemicals and processes with clean, cutting-edge enzyme solutions. Verenium's breakthrough enzyme products minimize pollution by reducing or replacing harsh chemicals used in industrial processes while also enhancing customer efficiency.

Within our enzymes business, our products fall into four general categories:

  • Animal Health and Nutrition
  • Grain Processing
  • Oilfield Services
  • Other Industrial Processes

For each of these markets, we have a combination of enzyme products that either we or one of our partners have commercialized or are developing. Through our independent and collaborative research and development programs, we have developed commercial enzyme products across multiple markets. In addition, we have developed a pipeline of enzyme product candidates that we expect to launch independently and/or in collaboration with strategic partners.

No Verenium product or material may be used for any purpose without the applicable Limited Use Label License or the express written consent of Verenium. Your purchase from Verenium or its authorized distributors includes a Limited Use Label License specific to the shipment of the product purchased. By purchase and acceptance of delivery of each such product, you accept the terms and conditions of the Limited Use Label License, a copy of which can be found under each product page on this website.